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A North American Petrochemical company was planning for a major turnaround event on one of their manufacturing plants and needed to drastically improve their planning process.



A North American Petrochemical company, headquartered in Canada  



The company had experienced major challenges with previous turnaround events, in the areas of on-time achievement of milestones / execution and over expenditure. This was due to several shortcomings that existed in the process and methodology applied during the tactical planning and working of the plan, which often started as early as 36 months prior to the execution date.

Senior leadership recognized the need to improve the tactical planning approach and engaged Helios to advise on and assist with developing the plan, as well as develop and implement KPI’s to ensure that the progress of the plan was monitored.  



With robust consultation and collaboration, Helios developed and produced a comprehensive planning manual that outlines all the critical activities required in order to achieve the milestones and designed and constructed the manual in such a way that the activities were mapped interdependently. The interconnected milestones and underlying activities allowed for a full impact view of downstream deliverables and deadlines if changes in the timeline were realized or anticipated. 

By understanding the interconnectedness and the critical drivers of the process, Helios developed the necessary key performance indicator dashboard to be used by the management team.



The tactical planning manual, as well as the KPI’s developed, allowed for adequate scheduling principles to be applied to the activities while also enabling the management team to monitor and gauge proactive performance. This resulted in a realistic and comprehensive tactical plan with clear milestones, deliverables, roles and responsibilities that were supported by proactive performance indicators. Ultimately it resulted in a reduction in scope creep and growth, and a reduction in cost.