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It's Because We Care

Helios Consulting is now an authorized partner with Everything DiSC®. This is true, but not quite what I am going to write about this week. Instead, I want to really discuss the Helios dynamic as I see it. When we first became an authorized partner with Everything DiSC®, we decided that we should all participate in an Agile EQ Everything DiSC9® assessment. We are a very people-orientated organization; and yes, I recognize that a lot of companies these days are making similar statements. But there is something that makes Helios unique. I think it starts with us all sharing similar values, but I also think we have a very diverse set of approaches. We do not always agree, but we always find a way to come to a common ground. When we decided to all take the Everything DiSC® Agile EQ assessments, we did it with the intent to really uncover who we each are from an emotional intelligence perspective. The results were somewhat expected in some situations, but also full of surprises. The DiSC® map had shown that we pretty much cover the entire map with each of our personnel, and we had very strong representation in the areas of being dynamic, outgoing, and empathizing. Initially one might think that these might be the key reasons we have such a great team. Sure, it plays a part, but it certainly does not answer the question completely. An organization also needs to be objective, resolute, and self-assured. Plus, there needs to be a balance because having too much of one thing might not give us the resilience and drive that is needed to make a company successful. As I explained to the team while we reviewed our assessment reports; there is no bad place to land as each mindset provides benefits and opportunities for us.

After we reviewed our reports and compared them, I found that our team had become interested in becoming more agile. Agility in this instance means having the ability to stretch to other mindsets that might not seem natural to us. Our team is great, and we are usually interested in taking information such as the data created from the assessment and putting it all to good use. Our change leadership group often has conversations about how they can become more agile, and I know our managing partner is really working toward becoming more agile. For me, I think this really is why we are such a great group. We recognize benefits and we apply whatever we need to, to help us achieve these benefits. What makes us so great is we have an awareness for each other. We don’t just show up for work as individuals, we show up for work with great consideration of each other. The DiSC® Agile EQ provided us with an understanding of where we are with our emotional strengths and challenges, but it also brought us closer because we care about how this information will make us better. We may land in different areas on the DiSC® Map, but we all share a common sympathy for each other. As we continue our journey together, we will remain diligent in having fun, looking after each other and providing the best quality of service. It is all about the passion we bring in each of our offerings, but the passion is fueled by how much we respect and care for each other. I had this once before and eventually regretted leaving it for other opportunities never knowing if I would have it again. Helios is not only a wonderful team to work with, but I sense that our clients also have unique and wonderful experiences with us. We are a results-oriented group, but we know we are developing great relationships along the way. If you are interested in getting your team assessed with Everything DiSC®, please contact me.

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