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Kait Dinunzio

Senior Partner & Chief Change Officer

Kait is a creative and passionate organizational change leadership and communications executive, and leadership coach. Her practice focuses on training, coaching and supporting business owners and corporate leaders in the area of change leadership, communications, organizational design and effectiveness, process improvement, resilient leadership and team development.

She is known for her unique change management strategies which help identify business readiness and encourage a willingness to adopt new processes, technologies, or behaviors.

She defines herself as an expert in people, which enables her to easily connect with change leaders to learn the current state and map it to a successful future-state. 

Kait is innovative in her approach and puts a lot of thought and effort into the artistic and tactical design of her practice; she develops unique activities and facilitation plans to meet the specific needs of her clients. There Is no "one size fits all" with Kait. 

She is a dynamic and engaged (Master) facilitator and team member; her strength in connecting with and caring for people helps anticipate and respond to stakeholder expectations during change.


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