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Tina Della Vedova

Tina is a dedicated, intelligent, warm and welcoming Change Consultant and Executive Coach who is able to work with people at all levels of an organization to determine training, coaching or changes required to improve relationships and increase user adoption during a project implementation. She is excellent at motivating teams and individuals in reaching stronger performance through change as a result of her lengthy and diverse history working with people. With her breadth of experience in a variety of industries, she has a unique insight and way of connecting with others around her.


Tina is a professional connector! She’s known as “the Hub” in Helios because of her ability to see past cultural differences and barriers, accepting all individuals and respecting and appreciating everyone’s point of view. People “plug in” to her; she’s well known for her deep relationships and is able to support stakeholders in such a way that organizations see and feel improved efficiencies in workflow, communications, interdepartmental and interpersonal relations.  Given her relationship based nature, Tina is able to uncover performance improvement opportunities and help organizations and people course correct in meaningful ways.


She is logical and hardworking with strong follow through and the ability to stay calm and work in tense or uncertain situations. Tina brings a level of experience that few change practitioners can boast and is an asset to any team.  

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