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Here's to you in '22!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

new year /ˌn(y)o͞o ˈyir/

noun noun: new year; plural noun: new years

  1. the calendar year just begun or about to begin.


Welcome to 2022!

The new year has brought a lot of really neat things for us to dive into; we have quite a few great projects that we're either kicking off or continuing from Q42021! Some of our hot projects include:

  • 1:1 Leadership development and coaching

  • Design and implementation of an Asset Reliability program

  • Definition and road mapping of ISO26000 Social Responsibility program

  • Implementation support of Oracle Cloud module: Planning Central

  • Execution of a large scale turn around (Risk, Plan the Plan and internal/external Communications and engagement)

  • Customization and delivery of our Visible Safety Leadership workshop

  • Customization and delivery of our Risk workshop

  • Customization and delivery of our Resilient Leader workshop

  • Facilitation support for IT Operations delivery model

  • Deliver an Operational Readiness Assessment (integration of assets)

  • Planning and execution of major milestone celebrations on a client new plant build

  • Design and facilitation of management system/processes

Some of these projects will require all of our team members, and others will only include one or two - but one thing runs through each project: whoever is on the project, we're all excited to provide Platinum Level Leadership and support that our clients have come to know and appreciate about Helios' team!


Helios' 2022 Milestone

Helios turns FIVE this April! It's been a long five years (I feel like there's been five years in the past two - Am I right?!) In the past five years, we've been through a lot! We've:

  • seen people and partners come and go

  • re-branded and strengthened our brand (a work in progress, always!)

  • developed internal processes and policies (and apps - can't forget the awesome apps Mike D. makes for us!)

  • had many difficult conversations and alllllllllll the healthy conflict to help us look in the mirror to become better for each other and our clients

  • Invested in self-development with professional coaching support and sending our consultants and partners to higher education at both the University of Calgary and Yale School of Management

  • moved into our first office (which smelled like Subway all the time - barf)

  • moved into our second office (much nicer)

  • survived a pandemic (and grew!)

  • hosted our first (and only, so far) Stampede event

  • launched and nurtured nine client social networks to support sustainable change

  • helped clients manage the fallout of workplace incidents, fatalities and employee suicides

  • facilitated our Resilient Leader workshop 32 times; our Risk workshop three times and our Visible Safety Leadership workshop 22 times

  • freely shared our thought leadership through blogging

  • tried our hand at webinars

  • launched the Pocket Change Podcast

  • travelled hundreds of kilometres and spent countless hours in airports, on planes and driving to meet the unique needs of our clients

... And we're just getting started - the year 2022 promises to be another year of growth and opportunity!

Metaphysically speaking, 22 symbolizes turning one's desires into reality – it’s about accomplishment on the highest level. With that in mind, I think about the passion that we exude in everything we do at Helios. This year, I invite you to live into your truest passions alongside us.

Have questions on how to live into your passions or bring your big ideas or goals to life? Need some support with engaging your teams or bringing structure to how you do business in 2022? Reach out, a call doesn't cost a thing!

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