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APEGA Permit to Practice.

Helios Consulting is pleased to announce that, alongside its current unique boutique consulting services, Helios has attained a Permit to Practice from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-scientists of Alberta (APEGA). This is through the addition of Mahesh Makkar, a Professional Engineer and a Responsible Member with APEGA. Mahesh will lead Helios Consulting’s Engineering Advisory Services. He has over 29 years of experience in upstream oil & gas production, operational excellence management, and industrial Research and development. Mahesh brings to the team an exceptional understanding of engineering whilst also sharing his passion for energy conservation and identifying innovative ways of increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact in conjunction with finding innovative approaches to the application of analytical software tools. His philosophy on value creation is always to understand the drivers of the company and put more life in the life cycle, with a particular focus on the assets and processes.

Furthermore, with this Permit to Practice, our advisory services in Operations & Maintenance, Project Management, Change Management, and Operations Integrity Management Systems can now offer an enhanced scope of service in authenticating the engineering aspect of such work.

Helios Consulting ltd hopes that 2021 is starting off strongly for both clients and industry. We look forward to hearing from you in this new year, whether it is in regards to engineering alone or any of the other facets of our boutique consultancy.

For further information, please contact Mike Donoghue, Managing Partner of Helios Consulting, or Mahesh Makkar

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