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It's been a weird, wild and wonderful year!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

WOW! So another year is just about done, in the weird, wild and mostly wonderful year of managing Helios Consulting.

The picture (to the left) just about sums up the sentiment of what this year has been. The difference is, with a roller coaster you can see when the dips are coming and just how far you have to go, to get your train back to the top.

At this time of the year I usually start to compile my list of reflections and lessons; I don't call them lessons learned just yet, because if you don't act on them and change a tactic, strategy or behaviour they are not even really learned, merely lessons. My list includes things that I have observed in other leaders and also reflections on how I responded to events that I had control over (and also no control over). Kait Dinunzio our Chief Change Officer taught me many years ago the equation E+R=O (The Event plus your Response results in the Outcome).

So here are a few items on my journey through the year that made the list through that lens.

  • Take time and reflect more on how fortunate we have been this year and be grateful that a company I started five years ago continues to grow and has great people in it. Long may we be able to bring the best of those we have met on our career journeys and bring them into our Helios family to support our clients.

  • No one moves through the journey at the same pace and you have to be prepared to slow down and offer a helping hand. We all carry differing levels of baggage and some may need a hand with theirs. Others may not welcome the offer and then you have to just wait and see if they can get to the next stop on the journey. A key lesson for me was the realization that you need to treat everyone who works with you as volunteers; if you don't feel valued and needed then why would you show up to contribute, trust me it isn't only for the paycheck (take a look at our blog on Shifting Culture).

  • As a society, the economy and our futures are subject to disruptions from uncontrollable events, you need to make plans to mitigate against the risks that you can control and have a contingency for those you cannot. You also need to take stock of all the things that you do each day and work out, are they moving you to where you want to be, or can you let them go?

  • Every great coach (leader) needs a coach. If you think you can be aware of all the issues that are holding you back and preventing you from making the connections you need to make, without some healthy conflict/challenge then you are probably not where you need to be as a leader or coach. I took the step this year and having an objective outside voice that has my permission to challenge me on my BS has proven to be a game-changer. It is not a question of having to act on all of their guidance, the value comes from taking time to understand your motivation from another perspective.

  • There are so many shiny new things out in the world of tech and so many shiny new companies promising to deliver the breakthrough you didn't realize you needed. Each one promising to fix a problem you didn't realize you needed to fix! or looking to partner with our company to help them move a new tech product. The antidote to this one; I am still learning. Is to be clear on the value proposition and how it will impact our clients or our company in a positive way. If I can't articulate the benefit in a simple, single sentence then It probably isn't for us, or our clients.

Moving on from reflections and lessons to be learned. Some sad news for our team this month is that one of our Partners Theunis Van Der Linde has chosen to leave the company and try new pastures, we wish him the best of good fortune. He will be missed by our team.

Finally, I would also like to send my thanks and best wishes to our clients who have trusted Helios Consulting to guide them through their challenges this year and look forward to our continued successes together. I also want to thank the returning clients who have managed to navigate the tribulations of a global pandemic and myopic governments chasing popularity over reasoned strategic planning, and to our new friends and clients, we thank you for the faith you are choosing to show and look forward to sharing a safe, healthy and prosperous 2022 with you all.

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